Sunday, June 27, 2010

I think I'll keep the Sunday tradition

 Earth must atone for the blood of that man.

Friday, June 25, 2010

So, here's the thing . . .

I'm not lovin' this blog.  I think perhaps it's boring.  Plus, it has had the opposite effect of what I wanted.  I really do see beauty everywhere I go so I thought it would be good to try and capture it.  But I have found that in trying to do so, it ruins it a bit for me.  Maybe that's dumb but there you go.
It's just that putting up a photo so I can say I did isn't working so I am going to change it up a bit.  I'll try and post sort of regularly, but only if I have something to show or say--that's how most people do it anyway.

And, truth be told, I saw hundreds of beautiful things today--things I'll never be able to get a picture of.  It used to be that when Rob talked on the phone to Tristan he would leave the room.  But now that they are engaged, he'll often times stay and I get to see a certain look on his face that I've never seen before--it is absolutely adorable and it makes ME so happy that he's so happy.  

Then there's Andy's beard.  Yes there's a bit of chagrin there--he is, after all, a BYU employee, but his beard looks just like Mark's did all those years ago.  He has that same swirl on the edge of his jaw near his ear and it's this great redish color but there's no real way to capture it.  

And tonight I found myself sitting and looking down at Berkeley who was sitting on the bath mat holding her "all clean" baby boy all snuggled up in a towel--talk about Madonna and child--it was breathtaking.  Such a natural everyday occurrence, but the scene was exceptional--I was flooded with the realization of her mother-ness.  Of how she loves and cares for Claudy--how it has begun to change her in really beautiful ways.  You haven't seen Berkeley smile until you've see her smiling at that baby.

When I went out to change the water on the lawn at dusk, I saw my walkway--it is beautiful.  I tried to capture the view that makes me so happy when I see it, but I couldn't quite get it.  That's when I started feeling frustrated about this blog--thinking that I could post only one photo and knowing that the photos I was taking were telling a bit of a story but that I'd have to choose one--then on my way back in the house something else caught my eye and I figured I'd have to bail on the walkway photos, because the thing that charmed me was a small bit of ivy that has suddenly emerged right by the front door and the evening sun was illuminating it just so.  Again, beautiful.

Then Cody went out and picked the peas for me.  There he was sitting in the pea patch suggesting I tell all the Knells on  the email list to come and pick them because there are MILLIONS of them and it's hard to get them picked before they are too old.  
Everything that grows in a garden is beautiful.  I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to take a picture of my peas and tomato plants--to me they are stunning.

Then I went to change the water again and this time I saw the blue spruce and it was this great color -- summer and Christmas at the same time.  

Then I noticed how the sun was on the cottonwood leaves and how you could even see the fuzzy stuff and that even though it is trashing up the neighborhood but good, it's still pretty in the sunlight.

Then I saw the ivy on the trunk--I love ivy.  Period.

Then I saw the walkway from a different angle on the way into the house and that's when I changed my mind about the blog--I wanted you to see all of it.  How some flowers are in bloom

and some are on their way--kind of like a gangly pre-teen--beautiful yes but not quite there yet.

Oh, and last night I saw this . . .
(Mark's on a scout campout.)


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My favorite view in all the world

Standing on the porch at Eric and Monette's cabin.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Bad

So we went to Family Night and I thought I'd be home in plenty of time but I wasn't.  As I was falling asleep I remembered the blog.  Grrrrrrrr . . .
AND I am going out of town tonight and I probably won't be able to post anything today or tomorrow--although I'll try.

So to make up for it, and since Kari asked, here's a link to the wedding photos I have been talking about.  Keep in mind, I took lots of pictures and there is a lot of repetition due to experiments in settings.  You have been warned.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gone all day AGAIN today

But here's the evening sky.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Gone all day today

Saw lots of great things, but no time to stop.  Here are some flowers from Lauren's wedding . . .